Journal Officer Responsibilities

Editor i​n C​hief

The name(s) and email address(es) of the EIC will be circulated to members of the Yale community and posted here.  Groups may designate an alternate contact person whenever this becomes necessary, but please be sure to communicate the change to the Office of Student Affairs.

Additionally, with the EIC’s permission, the Office of Student Affairs may release the EIC’s name and email address to outside organizations who wish to contact student journals at Yale Law School.

The EIC is also responsible for providing the following information to Sachi Rodgers and Joe Lynch:
Please note this list is not meant to be comprehensive

  • Submitting a list of journal participants at the end of each semester
  • Providing copies of the production schedule
  • Providing monthly updates on the status of their publication
  • Keep list of copyright agreements current

Managing Editor / Business Manager

The Managing Editor (aka Business Manager) is in regular contact with the Publications Assistant, Joe Lynch, and is responsible for liaising on financial and subscription related issues as well as other duties assigned by the journal.

The Managing Editor is responsible for the following:
Please note the following list is not meant to be comprehensive

  1. Consulting with Sachi on non-routine expenditures prior to their purchase as appropriate
  2. Track the journal’s food budget over the course of the semester by recording receipts and subtracting the costs of food purchased from the journal’s food budget.  A model food expenditure tracking spreadsheet can be found here.
  3. OK any reimbursements being submitted and be sure all information is completed correctly
  4. Review financial statements monthly and report any errors to Sachi
  5. Bill authors for extra reprints and bill advertisers for ads. Follow up to be sure payment is received. Please remember to cc Joe and Sachi on these exchanges.
  6. Prior to each printing verify information to be printed on the masthead. If there are errors on the masthead, correct them as soon as possible
  7. Refer any subscription and claims related inquires to Joe Lynch including students looking to make a purchase. Please note that all issues are for sale and can not be gifted to journal members or others without consulting with Sachi Sugimoto Rodgers
  8. Send any checks and all accompanying documentation received, including the envelope to Joe Lynch
  9. Assist in the processing of claims, back issues, and reprints during the academic year as necessary.