Assumption of Risk Form

Depending on your travel destination, one of the forms linked below must be completed and submitted before travel commences if you receive funding for any activities that involves travel.

Domestic travel waiver

International travel waiver

Employer Support Form

Complete and submit this form if your activity received support (both financial and participatory) from law firms and other outside organizations.

Government Official Visit Reporting Form

Complete and submit this form if your group hosted a federal, state, or local government official.


Sample invoice for groups that need to send one to a third party that is helping to cover group expenses.

Media Release Form

If your group plans to record an event/session at a conference and post to your site, you will need to make sure that all speakers sign the media release form.  The signed and completed form must be submitted to Sachi Sugimoto Rodgers for all student-run events.

Missing Receipt Form

If you have lost your receipt, you will need to download and complete this form.

Reimbursement Forms

This form can now be found on the new Yale Connect platform. Please send the link to visitors to complete or you may choose to fill it out on their behalf.

Standard Performance Contract

This form should be completed by any individual or group that has agreed to perform a service for your event.

Supply Order Form

This form should be used to place orders with the Supply Room at YLS.  A list of supplies available from the supply room can be found here.  For other supplies, please see page on office supplies.

Yale University Tax Exemption Certification (Cert 119)

Vendors may request a copy of the University’s tax exemption certification.  The Cert 119 is issued on a per vendor/purchase basis.  In order to obtain this form, please send Sachi Rodgers a copy of the vendors W-9, which must include their CT Registration number and Connecticut Sales & Use Taxation ID.

Yale University W-9

If a vendor asks for a copy of the University’s tax information, you may download and share this form.