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Metro Taxi Service Request Form

The Student Affairs Office has a corporate account with MetroTaxi. This means MetroTaxi rides connected with student activities, including speaker travel, can be billed directly to the sponsoring group. Once you have a good sense of when you or a speaker will need this service, please fill out the form below. Please note that requests need to be received two business hours in advance of the pick up time. If a more urgent need arises, please contact the Office of Student Affairs and we would be happy to work with you to call in a pick up.

Once we review this information and a reservation request has been submitted to MetroTaxi, you will receive a confirmation from the Office of Student Affairs. You may pass this confirmation along to your traveler who will be able to make any changes to their trip directly by calling 203-777-7777.

Please provide your name so that we may contact you with any questions about the ride request.
If we have questions on this request, we'll most likely need to reach you right away. Please provide information on how we can best connect with you (e.g., phone number, email address, etc.).
Please provide information on the group(s) that are covering the cost for this trip and the purpose (e.g., event name, date, location, time). If applicable please indicate whether the group(s) Law School budget or Discretionary/Rollover funds should be used for this trip. If the charge is not being split evenly, please specify how to split the charge between the groups listed.
If multiple travelers, please be sure to indicate who is the primary contact (i.e., person whose cell phone number you are providing below).
This information will be provided to MetroTaxi so that the driver can be in touch with the passenger if needed.
Please note that Metro Taxi has a 10-minute-leniency policy so please keep this in mind when indicating a pick-up time. In other words, the taxi could arrive 10 minutes after your requested pick-up time.
Please enter details on the pickup location, including cross street information as appropriate, for pickup locations other than those provided in the pull down above. If you are arriving at Tweed New Haven Airport, please provide information on your flight here.
Please provide information on your destination other than those provided in the pull down above.
Please indicate the number of taxis requested for this trip if needed. For example, there may be four passengers with lots of luggage so you may feel you need two taxis instead of one. Please provide explanation in the notes section below as needed.
Please provide any extra notes about this request if applicable. For example, number of people, special needs, special considerations (e.g., lots of luggage).
Please provide an email address if you would like a copy of the information you have submitted here.