Speaker Travel - Conferences

It is important to communicate any parameters and limitations for speaker travel reimbursements in advance.  Below are University rules and general guidelines to consider when communicating about travel with your speaker.  Conference organizers are free to set upper limits to reimbursements based on the budget for each event.

WorldTek Travel Account Setup

Conference speaker travel, including air, Amtrak, rental cars, airport shuttle service, is typically arranged by setting up an account with our travel agent. Speakers should be encouraged to book their travel through this service which helps conference organizers monitor travel expenses and travel booking status more easily and closely. Speakers are also welcome to book their own travel if they prefer.  Reimbursements can be done immediately after travel is booked but typically occur after the event.

The following are the agent fees associated with booking through the travel agent that you will want to keep in mind budget-wise.  For the most part, the Yale discounts and the convenience of using this service make up for the additional fees.

  • Domestic flights: 10% of airfare up to $35
  • International flights: $45
  • Amtrak: $10 per reservation
  • Ground transportation: no fee

In order to set up an account, you will need to provide the following information to Adrienne Lucas.

Travel Parameters

Yale University rules indicate that only the lowest economy fare can be reimbursed with the exception of business class travel on the Acela train.  You will need to indicate whether Acela travel is permissible or if your speakers are limited to Amtrak coach fares.

If there is a dollar amount cap for any type of travel or a particular speaker, you will need to include that information as well.  

List of Travelers

It is extremely helpful if you can provide a list of speakers who may be contacting our agent(s) to arrange travel.  This does not have to be complete and can be updated as you finalize speakers.

Name of Student In Charge of Travel

There should be one student designated to oversee travel and lodging for conference speakers.  This student will receive a copy of the travel itinerary from the travel agent and will be responsible for approving the itinerary.  It is important to double check the date and time of travel as well as making sure that the cost is in line with the budget.  The student will then contact the Office of Student Affairs to confirm the itinerary is approved and Adrienne Lucas, Sachi Rodgers, or Marie Carrano will send approval for the charge to be placed on a University credit card.

Communicating Travel Booking Procedure to Speakers

Once an account has been set up for your conference, you will receive an email from the Office of Student Affairs with model language that you may edit and send to your speakers.