Speaker Travel

It is important to communicate any parameters and limitations for speaker travel reimbursements in advance.  Below are University rules and general guidelines to consider when communicating about travel with your speaker.  Groups are free to set upper limits to reimbursements based on the budget for each event.

Generally speaking, speakers are encouraged to book their own travel and submit for reimbursement. Reimbursements can be done immediately after travel is booked but typically occur after the event. If the speaker is unable to pay for their travel in advance, please contact Sachi Rodgers, Director of Student Affairs, to discuss other options.


If your speaker will be traveling to New Haven by air, it is important to let them know there are a number of airports that can be used.  New Haven is about 90 miles from John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia International Airport in New York City. There is also easy access to Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut located about 60 miles north of the Yale campus. New Haven also has its own airport, Tweed-New Haven Regional Airport.  Any of these four airports may be used, bearing in mind that at least three hours should be maintained between arrival time and the start of the event if arriving at one of the New York City airports. 

The University limits reimbursement of airfare to the lowest economy fare (i.e., no upgradeable fares).  Speakers who wish to travel in business or first class will only be reimbursed up to the lowest economy fare of the flight they are taking.

Ground transportation from airports

There are convenient shuttle services from NYC airports that should be utilized.

Students may also elect to pick-up speakers, allowing them a chance to spend some time with them.  If your budget allows, we may reimburse students for mileage but not gas for picking up a speaker.


If your speaker will be traveling from Washington D.C., New York, and other parts of the East Coast with rail access, New Haven Union Station is serviced by Metro North Railway to and from Manhattan Grand Central Station as well as Amtrak Railways with easy access from all metropolitan areas along the East Coast.


Acela business class travel is an acceptable mode of travel so long as the group’s budget is able to support this expenditure.  The University does receive some discounted fares for Aclea travel so please be sure to check with Sachi Rodgers to compare pricing.

The Office of Student Affairs is able to assist with booking Amtrak travel with sufficient notice.  You will need to provide the speakers name as it appears on their government issued ID, detailed preferred train itinerary, including departure/arrival date, time, station, and train number, as well as a contact phone number.  The contact phone number can be for the speaker, their assistant, or the student organizer.  Please email Marie Carrano and Sachi Rodgers with your request.

Metro North

Speakers traveling from New York City or neighboring town with Metro North access should be encouraged to elect this mode of transport.  Metro North offers web tickets which may be purchased on behalf of the speaker which can be mailed to them directly.  Speakers may also submit for reimbursement as well.


From time to time speakers prefer to travel to New Haven by car. The University is not able to reimburse for gas for personal vehicles. Reimbursement for travel in a personal vehicle is done by mileage. Speakers will need to provide a print out of the directions, showing total mileage and start and end points, from Google maps or an equivalent program/website. Effective January 1, 2017, the mileage rate for use of personal car on University business will be $0.535 per mile, down from $0.54 in 2016.

Please note that rental cars must be paid for by the driver so we are not able to pay for this expense in advance.