For the majority of events, students should design their own fliers and follow the posting rules below.  You can make simple posters using basic word-processing software.  PhotoShop is available on the MACs located in L2.  Tutorials on how to use PhotoShop can be accessed through Yale’s licensed site.  You will need to log in using your netid and password.

If you feel your event or series of events requires a more complex poster or a template for a series of posters, please contact Sachi Rodgers to discuss alternative resources and services.  Please note that such an endeavor would cost a minimum of $250 for the design service alone.


Posters can be printed one of two ways:

Yale Printing & Publi​shing Services

Yale Printing & Publishing Services (YPPS) is able to direct bill to your student group account. You will need the PTAO for the account(s) that are responsible for covering the cost of the printing order. You can upload your file and orders will be delivered to the Office of Public Affairs (Ruttenberg Hall M76, next door to Student Affairs), making it easy for groups to place and collect their orders. If you need assistance with your order, please contact Adrienne Webb in the Office of Public Affairs.


Tyco is able to direct-bill your printing expenses to the Law School. You will need to include Yale Law School, the group’s name, and your name on the order form at Tyco so that the business office may direct the invoice to me for processing.  In addition, you will receive a pink receipt copy from Tyco. This receipt should be dropped off to the Office of Student Affairs (Ruttenberg Hall M85) with a description of the printing expense, including the event title and date (if applicable) along with any special charging instructions. This is particularly important if your Tyco order is for something other than event posters.

Please note there is usually a delay in the invoicing process which means you may not see the Tyco charges hit your account for several months. Budget officers will need to take this into account when balancing the budget.

Posting Rules

Student groups may post notices and posters advertising Law School events, meetings, and conferences on the stone and brick walls of the first floor hallways and main staircase leading to the Library. There are five rules about posting: 

  1. Use masking tape only; no scotch tape or packing tape. Masking tape is available in the Building Services Office (Room 130) and the Office of Student Affairs (Ruttenberg Hall M85)
  2. Do not post on wood, painted, or glass surfaces
  3. Each group can post up to 11 legal or letter sized posters/fliers per event (including one poster for the Grove Street calendar). Posters in excess of the limit or size will be removed
  4. Please remove your posters after the event
  5. Posters advertising non-Law School events must be taken to the Building Services Office (Room 130) to be stamped before posting