Dining Hall and Outside Food Vendors

The Dining Hall operates as an integral part of the community. YLS dining operations requires a significant up-front investment in facilities, equipment, and staff, which is later recouped through register sales and catering revenue. Having events catered by outside vendors, or holding Law School events off-site, can sometimes leave the School’s investment in dining services underutilized which can effect long term decisions about food service support.

While the Dining Hall aims to match the cost of food at various local establishments, please keep in mind that the Dining Hall workers are paid a living wage and good benefits which contributes to the differences in food costs between the Dining Hall and other New Haven establishments.

In order to help support the Law School and its Dining Hall workers, we encourage you to utilize the  Dining Hall as your food service provider for events at Yale Law School.

Some food-related things to keep in mind…

  • Events held in the Alumni Reading Room, Dining Hall, Faculty Dining Room, Faculty Lounge, and Student Lounge MUST be catered by the Dining Hall.  These are Union controlled spaces. No waivers will be granted for events in these rooms.
  • Pizza is the ONLY non-Dining Hall food groups may purchase without prior approval. If your group would like to use a non-pizza outside vendor purchase for your event, you MUST seek advanced approval from Dean Mike for all non-pizza, non-Dining Hall food purchases.  A $50 custodial fee will be charged to your group.  Some groups have arranged to pay an up-front custodial fee of $300 to purchase outside food for the semester and this must be arranged through Dean Mike.
  • A credit card is available to you for purchasing pizza and other pre-approved outside vendor purchases with advance arrangement with the Student Affairs Office. Please see page on Student Affairs Credit Card Use for further information.
  • Tip on deliveries should not exceed 10% of charge and should not exceed 20% for dine-in receipts.  Please also make sure tip has not already been added by the vendor!
  • The guidelines below show what is a typical cost for meals for student organizations:
    • $6 per person for breakfast
    • $10 per person for lunch
    • $14 per person for dinner event at YLS
    • $12 per person for dinner event at student’s home (e.g., student faculty dinner)

If you plan to deviate from these amounts, it is best to touch base with Sachi Sugimoto Rodgers in advance. The organization’s ability to maximize use of its funds will be considered in next year’s funding request.

  • Please be mindful of the start and end times of your event. There are usually short breaks between classes and events; be particularly mindful of timing if there is a class following your event.

  • You must clean up after your event. You may want to contact BUILDING SERVICES for extra trash cans before your event if you thing they will be necessary.

  • Please place any leftover food in the Student Lounge but please remember to clean up any leftover food/containers). If you have leftover food, this information should be posted on The Wall. You may not leave food on The Table.

  • Please make sure to arrange for plates, eating and serving utensils, napkins, and cups through your caterer. In the event that you need these supplies, they are available from the Dining Hall for a fee. Please contact Jim Barnett or Greg Kader to arrange for this.