Office Supplies

The default rule for office supplies is to order from the supply center (located in the Student Commons Area near the mailboxes) or ordered through the University’s preferred vendor, currently W.B. Mason. Limited supplies, see list here, can be ordered from the mail room by completing a Supply Order Form which is given to a Mail Room staff member. Please allow at least 24 hours for pick-up. Be sure to complete all the information on the Supply Order Form, in particular your student organization account number.

If the office supply you are seeking is not available through the supply center, Marie Carrano (student organizations) or Joe Lynch (student journals) can assist you in placing an order through W.B. Mason. Please visit the W.B. Mason site to find the product(s) you are seeking.  Please note that actual pricing will be different in most instances as Yale pricing is not reflected on this public site.

Once you have identified the product(s) you wish to order (including product number, name, description, color, and quantity), please send this information via email to Marie Carrano if you are a student organization or to Joe Lynch if you are a student journal.